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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please be Nice to ME..

I call you everyday
Only wanting to watch you in conversation
Whatever the time of the day
You, the one who finds it unbearable without me
But now so different, you're like a stranger to me

Yes, it was the same that night
Claiming you were busy once again
My place has been replaced by another and I see that you are happy
Carelessly, you cast me aside
How could you ~

Sorry Oh My Girl
You've changed too much Oh My Girl
You and I both know well
Do not deceive me
Cause I know your everything

Sorry without Girl
Just not to be Oh My Girl
My look when you're by my side
Is not one of despair and misery
Please (i beg!) treat me well

Many smiles
And many sweet whisperings
I'm sure many men will fall for all that
Please do not do this to me

Hand in hand
Looks of happiness
The perfect us
Looking at that look of yours, however, how do I comprehend

I tried to figure out
Please my love
I want to listen to the intentions of the real you